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Is ‘Sleep Water’ the Trick to Getting Some Shut-Eye? (HealthLine)

Written by Jessica Peralta on July 10, 2018 Here’s what you need to know about this popular new sleep aid. Many of us have had at least one incident of lying in bed staring at the ceiling during the early morning hours, unable to fall asleep. In fact, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, […]

8 Sneaky Signs Your Stress Could Be Making You Sick (HealthiNation)

Sky-high stress levels can tax your body in a number of subtle ways.  JULY 9, 2018 | BY LAUREN SMITH You might treat stress as something you can just “muscle through” with a little grit and determination. When life feels overwhelming, you can’t say no, so you attempt to squeeze in your favorite gym class, […]

Better Sleep Can Prevent Cognitive Decline (ThirdAge)

by ALEX DIMITRIU, MD, July 2019 Sleep is as important to our health as good nutrition and regular exercise. Not getting enough sleep is detrimental to daytime functioning – to our mood, energy, concentration and reaction time – and over the long term, it contributes to obesity and the risk of serious illness. But sleepless nights […]

Suddenly Fearful and Don’t Know Why? Relax and Breathe (Health News Digest)

Menlo Park, CA, June 26, 2018 – Suddenly overcome by fear, trembling, sweating, head pounding; heart racing? Don’t panic!  Relax – and breathe. That’s the advice from psychiatrist Alex Dimitriu, MD, who says a focus on slow, deep breathing can help patients get through a panic attack. His comments follow research reported in the April 2018 edition […]

Tips for Handling the Most Toxic People in Your Life (SheKnows)

by Elizabeth Yuko, Jun 25, 2018 When it comes to dealing with toxic relationships, the most obvious solution is to cut ties with the person. This is certainly easier said than done when it comes to friends, people you’ve dated or acquaintances, but what if cutting someone out completely is impossible? These are situations involving […]

Sleeping in on the Weekends Could Be Good for Your Life Expectancy (Brit + Co)

Natasha Lavender · Jun 23, 2018 If your weekday routine consists of dragging yourself out of bed after less than five hours of sleep, a recent study is giving you the go-ahead to turn off your alarm this weekend and sleep in. Conducted in Sweden with over 43,000 participants over 13 years, the study from […]

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