The best pillows of 2021: Buffy, Casper, Brooklinen and more

By Ambar Pardilla, April 1, 2021

A pillow “can make a big difference in our ability to sleep well,” noted board-certified psychiatrist Alex Dimitriu, MD, a sleep medicine specialist. Like your posture during the day, your posture throughout night is just as important. Generally, the wrong pillow will fall short for two reasons: It’s too high or it’s too low for your head and neck. The right pillow will help ensure you “maintain a relatively straight or neutral head and neck position — neither too high, nor too low,” Dimitriu explained. You can imagine your neck “as a straight or kinked garden hose” — whereas a straight hose represents how you should be sleeping, “the latter is more likely to obstruct” both your breathing and sleep quality, he added.

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