Psychotropics, psychedelics, stigma and sleep!

June 18, 2021

Speaking with Dr. Alex Dimitriu, a nationally recognized psychiatrist and sleep specialist about three important topics: 1) Stigma around medication for mental health: why is there stigma; medication or meditation – should you tough it out forever; what are the conditions and circumstances when medication can bring relief; the role of genetics 2) The vital role of sleep: insomnia can look like ADHD, not getting enough sleep can impact discipline and impulse control, including negative self talk; the difference between depression, fatigue, and sleepiness and how those states impact motivation 3) Psychedelics: benefits and danger; their potential to help people evolve and grow – and how they can help unlock an innate state we all have; the importance of a well-guided journey; psychedelics are not a quick fix.

Click HERE to listen.

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