Is There an Adderall Shortage? What to Know About Difficulties Getting the ADHD Medication

By Julia Ries, Sept 16, 2022

Abrupt changes to your medication regimen could make you feel more tired and hungry than usual or impact your energy and mood. Fortunately, these symptoms should only last for about a week, according to Dr. Dimitriu. If for some reason you run out before filing your prescription again and are unable to take the medicine, it’s crucial to start at a lower dosage and gradually build back up, said Dr. Dimitriu. If all else fails and the meds are nowhere to be found, talk to your healthcare provider about other options and make a point to prioritize your sleep. “Sleep is essential to ADHD and our attention, focus and impulse control,” said Dr. Dimitriu, “so make sure you keep sleeping well (over seven hours) whether on meds or off.”

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