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Can Lion’s Mane Mushroom Improve Brain Function?

By Madison Storm, Sept. 20, 2021 Lion’s mane “has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help with stress and work as an antidepressant,” says Dr. Alex Dimitriu, a double board-certified psychiatrist and the founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine in Menlo Park, California. Click HERE for the full article.

7 Hidden Micro Stresses Ruining Your Sleep

By Carolyn Steber, Sep. 8, 2021 Of course, you’re way more likely to lie awake at night if you’re extra sensitive to stress and/or have anxiety. “People with anxiety are often too inclined towards being awake, and indeed with all those pulses of adrenaline throughout the day, sleep can become impaired,” Alex Dimitriu, M.D., a double board-certified doctor […]

8 Essential Items Sleep Experts Can’t Live Without

By Stephanie Barnes, 08/25/2021 According to Alex Dimitriu, the founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine, tracking your sleep could be the key to improving the quality of rest you’re getting. He recommended Snorelab, an app he also uses. “Snorelab is an excellent app which records audio all night,” he said. “For anyone who wakes up frequently […]

6 firm mattresses for back support to shop in 2021

By Hanna Horvath, Shop TODAY, Aug. 25, 2021 You’ll be able to get an initial feel of how firm a mattress is by lying down on it. How much the mattress “gives” or “flexes” to your weight determines how firm it is, said Alex Dimitriu, MD, a board-certified psychiatrist and sleep medicine specialist. “Imagine a 10-pound bowling ball,” […]

The Origin Story of the Zoloft Sad Blob, A Clinically Depressed Icon

By Lauren Vinopal, August 24, 2021 That said, psychiatrists like Alex Dimitriu argue that it’s impossible to divorce the Sad Blob ad from its larger pharmaceutical agenda — no matter how relatable it might have been. “These same ads also push people toward a particular treatment, when there may well be a good number of alternative […]

What Do Dreams About Tornadoes Mean?

Written by Ann Pietrangelo on August 24, 2021 Dr. Alex Dimitriu is double board certified in psychiatry and sleep medicine and founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine. Dimitriu told Healthline that most unpleasant dreams improve with understanding rather than fear and avoidance. “The same is true of psychotherapy,” Dimitriu said. “The act of shedding light on one’s fears […]

Are You a Revenge Bedtime Procrastinator?

August 17, 2021 | BY: Kate Bayless People just don’t have enough time for themselves between workdays, says Alex Dimitriu, M.D., founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine and sleep expert at Sleep Foundation. Research agrees. A 2018 study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that the more an individual had to resist certain desired behaviors or actions during the day, the more […]

Why you’re having weird dreams and how to manage them

By Erin Heger, 8/2/21 “There is evidence that dreams are the mind’s form of self-therapy,” says Alex Dimitriu, MD, psychiatrist and founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine. “We form memories, process experiences, as well as feelings when we sleep. REM or dream sleep is believed to be particularly important in the processing of emotions.” […]

Megan Fox, Christina Haack are praising psychedelics. What medical experts want you to know.

Jenna Ryu USA TODAY, Jul. 26, 2021 “When people are stuck or suffering, well-guided change can be beneficial, and psychedelics are agents that encourage such transformative experiences,” says Dr. Alex Dimitriu, who specializes in psychiatry and sleep medicine but does not use psychedelic treatments with his patients because the treatments are illegal. He adds psychedelics […]