Recognizing 4 Common Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder, And What To Do Next (HealthyWay)

When you’re unable to regulate your emotions, every relationship eventually explodes. Here’s how to recognize the signs of BPD.


“I felt like he was going to leave me. I felt like everyone was going to leave me.”

Ashley, 32, was in a new relationship with a man she really liked. She had no reason to believe anything was wrong—and no reason to do what she did.

“For days, I tried not to let him out of my sight,” she says. “I tried to hold on, but I kept feeling more desperate. It didn’t matter. I was sure that he was going to leave, so I told him I was going to [hurt myself]. He told me to get help, and for once, I listened. I don’t know why. Maybe I thought that was the only way to make him stay.”

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