What Pulling an All-Nighter Does to Your Mind and Body (Vice)

Here’s the bare minimum amount of sleep you need before a big exam.

By Nick Keppler, Sep 17 2018

You had a whole week to prepare for your Comparative Lit exam—but then, well, Assassin’s Creed happened. (Lots of Assassin’s Creed.) Now your only hope is the fallback option that college students have relied upon since the days of affordable tuition: the all-nighter. You go to the common room with two Red Bulls, a bag of books weighing as much as a car tire, and a laptop. You will mentally chain yourself to a desk and finish everything you’ve put off until the sun rises. But then you remember from Psychology 101 that sleep is, like, important. Aren’t you destroying the cognitive capacity you need to get through this year with at least a 2.6 by depriving yourself of it?

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