Neurogenesis Stimulating Compounds – Major Depression Disorder

A novel combination of two existing (and well tolerated) medications – buspirone (a potent 5HT1A agonist, often used as an ant-anxiety medication / or for depression augmentation) and melatonin has recently shown the unique promise of potentially enhancing depression outcomes, as well as stimulating neurogenesis. Of particular interest, is that patient did much better on this particular combination of medications than on either of the two compounds alone – suggesting a unique synergistic effect, which is currently without explanation. Response rates  in depression scores (CGI score <2) were much higher for the combination – 58%, versus buspirone alone – 38%, after six weeks of treatment. Very promising, and likely to soon be patented into a new drug. Read more about it: An exploratory study of combination buspirone and melatonin SR in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): A possible role for neurogenesis in drug discovery

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