Melatonin by Form: Pros and Cons of Pills, Gummies, and Liquids

By Jessica Migala, Oct 11, 2023

Most melatonin pills contain 1 to 10 mg of melatonin. One of the main pros of taking a capsule or tablet is that you can break them up in order to take smaller doses than one tablet would otherwise contain. Though you should always let your doctor guide you about dosage, “in numerous clinical trials and in my practice, less is more — 300 micrograms (0.3 mg) — is effective for many people as long as they also follow good sleep hygiene practices,” says Alex Dimitriu, MD, who is double board-certified in psychiatry and sleep medicine and the founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine in California.

If you are taking a smaller dose, make sure you purchase 1 mg dose pills, otherwise, dividing one pill up into the size needed would be extremely challenging.

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