High-Functioning ADHD: Often Subtle, But Still a ‘Mountain’

October 1, 2021 Dr. Dimitriu was published in Psychology Today in an article titled:

High-Functioning ADHD: Often Subtle, But Still a ‘Mountain’

“Eden,” Cyrus snapped…”I have a sword pointed at you. Will you please focus.” That online passage from author Samantha Young’s book Blood Past offers a somewhat humorous depiction of what the American Psychological Association defines as a “behavioral condition that makes focusing on everyday requests and routines challenging,” namely attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. This disturbance — a syndrome involving dysregulation of certain neurological functions and related behaviors — is among the most common psychiatric problems and is associated with inattention, poor concentration, distractedness, memory problems, lack of organizational and social skills, impulsive behavior, hyperactivity (high energy?), and intense emotions. 

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