The Best Anxiety-Relief Products, According To Mental Health Experts (Today)

Feel more calm, happy and energized with these expert recommendations.

by Jessica Migala / Jul.24.2018 / 6:01 PM ET / Updated Jul.25.2018

Everyone feels anxious from time to time. But when anxiety feels out of control or fills you up with persistent dread and worry — often for no discernible reason — it might be time to seek help.

For that reason, it can be important to share these feelings with loved ones or a professional. The latter can help you flip the script and rewrite the messages your own anxiety is telling you. Also, there are soothing, calming tools you can use at home to help quiet an anxious mind. While they’re not a cure, and you should always consult a doctor when dealing with anxiety, these are things mental health professionals recommend for their patients.

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