6 Mistakes You’re Making When Napping (Bustle)

By Carina Wolff, 8/29/18

Some people live for their daily naps. After all, they can be rejuvenating and the perfect break during an exhausting day. But if you’re just plopping on the couch and sleeping until you see fit, you may not be doing it right. There are a number of mistakes you can make when napping, and although they might seem harmless, they can leave you feeling groggy and low-energy and even affect your sleep schedule later on. Naps can be a healthy part of your day, but it’s important you follow a few simple rules.

Sleep depends on quality just as much as quantity, and it’s important to be aware of the different phases of sleep as well. “There is deep sleep and light sleep, and our bodies go through cycles of this every night — about every 90 minutes,” psychiatrist and sleep medicine specialist Dr. Alex Dimitriu tells Bustle. “Not all naps are equal, because depending on the timing of the nap, we may have more light sleep or deep sleep. Longer naps tend to bring us into deeper sleep, from which it can be harder to wake up.”

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