13 Top Travel Pillows for 2023

By Stacey Zable and Timothy J. Forster, Jan 5, 2023

Head support: What’s most important is ensuring your head is supported in the right places by your travel pillow – and, in particular, not being pushed forward by excessive padding – according to Dr. Alex Dimitriu, a sleep/wake and performance specialist who is dual board certified in psychiatry and sleep medicine. “The biggest issue many travelers will experience when sleeping on a plane is that the seats don’t recline enough,” Dimitriu says. “This often results in the head being just on the brink of tipping forward – which is not a comfortable sleeping position. Because of this insufficient recline, it is important to keep padding behind the head and neck minimal to reduce the tendency for the head to tip forward. A good pillow would provide support for side sleeping, rather than a lot of padding behind the head, which just pushes the head forward too much.”

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