The Importance Of A Healthy Circadian Rhythm

By Carol Lee, JUN 4, 2021

Not only has the pandemic and its accompanying lockdowns led to skyrocketing rates of anxiety and depression—common culprits behind insomnia—but working and living mostly at home have caused people to keep irregular schedules, with more individuals working at night and sleeping during the day. In the evenings, people are also taking in unprecedented levels of blue light from their devices instead of naturally adjusting to the gradual darkness in preparation for bedtime. These inconsistencies have had serious consequences, the most severe of which is the highly concerning disruption of people’s circadian rhythms. But what exactly is a circadian rhythm, and why is circadian health so important? “Circadian rhythms are essential to our wellbeing because, literally, as the name implies, they set the rhythm of our daily lives,” says Alex Dimitriu, M.D., founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine (CA). “Circadian rhythms will determine everything from the best time to sleep, eat, make love, exercise, and perform at your peak capacity mentally and physically.”

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