The 10 Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Jet Lag

By Madeleine H. Burry, May 13, 2022

“The ability to travel faster (with jet engines) has resulted in people being able to fly to a place faster than their biology can adjust to the new local time,” says Alex Dimitriu, MD, who is double board-certified in psychiatry and sleep medicine and the founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine and BrainfoodMD. “When we walked, or ran, we could not cover so many time zones in so little time,” he notes. Flying across time zones sends your circadian rhythm — aka the clock within your body that helps you know when it’s time to wake up and go to sleep, among other important physiological tasks — off-kilter. The result: You’ll feel groggy and maybe even out of sorts once you arrive at your destination.

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