New Patients

Appointment Fees

  • Alex Dimitriu, MD $1200/50 min or $700/25 min
  • Alex Dimitriu, MD Single Psych / Sleep Consultation with Report, Reccomendations / 2nd Op ($3000 2h w report)
  • Jeff Leininger, NP $800/hr ($500/25min for follow up visits)
  • Lauren Varma, NP $800/hr ($500/25min for follow up visits)
  • Rachel Hilton, NP $800/hr ($500/25min for follow up visits)
  • Emily Heard, MFT $300/50 min
  • Shiva Wilson, AMFT, APCC $300/50 min

*Once admitted to the practice, patients are free to visit any provider for follow ups or further consultation.

Initial visits are scheduled for 2 hours. Follow up visits are typically 25 to 50 minutes. We ask our patients to be seen at minimum 4x/year to maintain treatment or more as necessary. We collaborate as a group practice of like-minded professionals. Once admitted, patients are able to and encouraged to work with all of our providers. Urgent appointments and one time consultations are available on a case by case basis, please email us for more information.


We are a contracted provider for LYRA health (Lauren Varma, NP). Otherwise, we are an out of network provider for all insurance claims, and do not accept Medicare.

We do provide a super bill for services, which allows some patients to obtain out-of-network reimbursement. As a “fee for service” practice, payment is expected at the time of service.

We believe your health and privacy are your business and our model facilitates that. Practicing independently allows for the delivery of the most effective, state of the art treatment and care.

Physician Payments Sunshine Act

For informational purposes only, a link to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Open Payments web page is provided here. The federal Physician Payments Sunshine Act requires that detailed information about payment and other payments of value worth over ten dollars ($10) from manufacturers of drugs, medical devices, and biologics to physicians and teaching hospitals be made available to the public.