Groudhog Day – Burnout in the time of COVID

June 19, 2020. Dr. Dimitriu was published in Psychology Today in an article titled: Groudhog Day – Burnout in the time of COVID.

Too many people have brought up the term “Groundhog day,” to not mention it formally. You wake up each day tired. The day ahead seems like a multi-stage triathlon. You want to stay in bed, and yet you cannot just fall back asleep. You just want to be left alone. Every little thing seems like a big deal. Including, even planning for a vacation. You are not really excited for the weekend. It’s all a monotonous blur with maybe a brief silver lining as you sip from a glass of wine once the dishes are done. “Is this my life until I die?” you ask yourself. This is becoming an all too common story. Exacerbated by COVID, but also a part of daily life for many people before the pandemic ever happened. Some will call this an existential crisis… “what am I doing here? I can’t wait to retire… wait… what am I wishing for?!” 

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