Can blind people see their dreams?

Leila Jones, May 21, 2021

Dr Alex Dimitriu, founder at Menlo Park Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine explains it further for us: “Sleep and especially dream sleep is truly a natural virtual reality experience. For people who are able to lucid dream – even more so – because they are able to actually control the content of their dreams and interact with them. There are two types of blindness – one: congenital – from birth, and the other, acquired over time. People who become blind later in life did have vision at some point, so they will remember the look of things in the real world. People born with congenital blindness have never seen the world visually, but that does not mean their imagination and ability to understand descriptions would limit them from still being able to “see” in the mind’s eye. Much the same way most of us can imagine something we have never seen before, blind people can as well. This process continues in the dream state, even for the congenitally blind.”

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