This Busy Mom Says She Was Scammed After Shopping In Her Sleep

By Rachel MacPherson, June 5, 2024

Alex Dimitriu, MD, who is dual board-certified in psychiatry and sleep medicine, explains parasomnias are disorders of confusional arousal, meaning that the person is half awake and half asleep when they act out — which can range from sleepwalking to sleep talking and night terrors. “It can be thought of as anything you might do almost “automatically” while half asleep,” he says. Generally, though, parasomnias tend to be more simple behaviors, such as incoherent sleep talking.

Adding sleep apnea to the mix can increase the risks of engaging in unwanted unconscious behaviors. Anything that disrupts sleep, including sleep apnea, pain, or noise, can cause confusional arousal, says Dr. Dimitriu. 

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