Mind Optimization Part 14: Giving Your Best

It’s hard to figure out what worked and what didn’t if you didn’t give it your best. Whether it’s a relationship, a career, or any therapeutic intervention – give it your best. So you know what worked, and what didn’t. Otherwise, there will always be doubt.

This video is part fourteen of twenty-six excerpts from a presentation hosted by SOUL Food Salon in March 2019.

You may check out the full playlist of this video series on The Art and Science on Mind Optimization here. Alternatively, you can also click here to watch the previous video and here for the next one.

Video Transcript

Go big or go home. Too many times in anything that we do there’s a tendency to half-ass it, to do a half-hearted attempt, and a half-hearted approach at doing something, and that’s also pharmacologically where people get in trouble. They took their medication two out of seven days this week, they missed three days, and they’re not sure if it’s working. They took medicine that’s supposed to take six weeks to work for two weeks, and they decided that that did not work. For me this principle of taking things to their fullest, I think applies well beyond medications also. I think whatever we do, whether we decide to get to bed early, or start a yoga practice, start a specific diet, do it for real. Do it for real, stick to it. Don’t change your mind three days in. Because my worry is I think whenever we don’t do things fully we end up living a life of regret. We end up looking back at opportunities, and thinking, “Did I try my best? Did I do everything I could’ve done to optimize that situation?” And if you’re not giving it your best that’s always going to be a possibility. So I use this example in both pharmacology, and I use these examples as widely as marriage, and relationship difficulties, and career goals. If you’re going to do something, do it thoroughly.

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